Sexual Energy and its Relationship with our Daily Life, Success, and Leadership

An interview with Dr. Yalila Espinoza

E.L. Lepage – February 20th, 2020

The words sexuality, success, leadership and relationships cover a lot of different aspects of our life but they are all related with one: energy. Today we have the opportunity to gain some insight on the sexual energy from a renowned expert, Dr. Yalila Espinoza. She is going to give us a window into her knowledge and answer some pertinent questions relating to sexual energy and how it affects the many facets of our lives and well- being.

Legacy Mentors’ Dr. Yalila Espinoza is an expert in sexual wellness and plant medicine with a PhD in Consciousness and Transformation. As well as being a corporate and private wellness coach, she has a Spiritual Counselling degree, and Blockchain Intelligence and Holistic Sexuality expertise. She works with corporate clients, including many on the Forbes list, and fellow healing professionals as well in her private practice.

Dr. Espinoza, there’s a hot topic circulating at the moment in the world of growth and well-being and that is “inner-wealth.” Could you please tell us what you believe to be the relation between our sexuality and inner wealth?

That’s a very interesting question because even if we don’t often see them spoken about in the same context, they are absolutely related and one is not whole without the other.

Inner wealth to me is based on our knowledge and honoring of our authentic self and how we express that in the world. We can only truly know ourselves as whole beings if we know ourselves as sexual beings.

That is a key element to understanding our deepest truth and our real value thus “inner wealth”.

We were brought into this life by the sexual union of our mother and father, or in tantric wisdom, grandmother earth and grandfather sky. So in order to understand who we are as human beings, this is an essential part to know about ourselves.


Very interesting, let’s continue further down this path, shall we? Dr. Espinoza, how would you say our sexuality is related to leadership, to impact? To anything we do in life really?

Once we acknowledge and honor ourselves as sexual beings and are able to be truly authentic, our sexual energy directly connects with our voice and expression in the world. It all comes together as one.

These energy centers are interconnected so when we are truly authentic and follow that path, we gain clarity and become confident and grounded in our messages; it all flows together.

Many of my clients who came for sexual healing indirectly had their voice open up and became leaders and speakers in their communities.

They became freed from fear and replaced it with joy. They initially thought they were coming to “repair” one element in their life but in fact they unveiled and gained much more than just “sexual healing.” It’s not about sex, it’s about who we are at the core and using our sexuality to access that.

I know that you like to tap deeper into what “sexuality” is, and using what one could say are exotic philosophies. Could you enlighten me about “orgastic living?” How does one access it?

Orgastic living sounds very magical and complex but it’s simply tapping into the sexual energy that exists in everything around us. It’s a shift of perception and reality. It brings a sense of wonder, curiosity and joy which alleviates a lot of what people are suffering from such as anxiety, depression, doubt or worry.

In orgastic living, there is a sense of animism where everything is alive. Once we can tap into this it actually promotes more flow into what it is to be human in this life. You wouldn’t believe this but I went to a tantric workshop years ago and I actually had the experience of feeling orgasmic waves from walking on the grass. It was pure magic, yet so simple and natural.

Once we simplify life, we can have that energetic orgasm simply by walking barefoot, it makes life so delicious and uncomplicated.

To access it you must have the curiosity and the courage to face your blockages and shadows as well as the openness to release and surrender those things in order to connect with the universal life force.

Another important sexual element, that I know you often refer to, is “sacral energy” in the 7 chakras. What is the reality of most people in their sacral energy? How do we know if it is activated or blocked?

So the first sign is addiction. We all have different addictions and this naturally stems from the second energy center and how we nourish ourselves; food and drinks. More often than not, when we begin to truthfully assess ourselves, looking at where we go to find fulfillment, peace or contentment, it leads us back to unhealthy addictions. It could be problematic substance use, unhealthy relationships, codependency, sex addiction or other elements that pull us out of balance. When we face these concrete behaviors and decisions, we begin to assess ourselves in terms of addiction and it helps us manage our emotions and correct them the best we can.

Once we actually turn the faucet on and really let ourselves “feel” our emotions and channel them in a healthy space, we are then able to open up and let some of these addictive patterns dissolve and unblock our sacral energy.

If we free our sexual energy, what happens? Should we be afraid of what this freedom could bring?

Well it goes back to the old question, “Has what we’ve been doing so far worked for us?” Life is an experiment and we want to use our discernment and our curiosity in making the next step for positive change in our lives. There is a backing of teachings that support the effectiveness of the tools used to access and free this sexual energy.

If you do the work properly it should only bring you to a higher positive level in your life. In my work specifically, when doing intensive learning retreats, we create a container that supports people to have an opening and to have a mindful and safe integration. It is not to be taken lightly because our sexuality is incredibly powerful, but it’s certainly not to be feared. When channeled correctly, while truly integrating it with your authentic self, the possibilities for your personal growth are positive and will exceed the limits that you may have had before for yourself.

I’d love to dive into all the aspects of philosophy but unlike our sexuality, time seems to have its limits! So I’m going to ask you to kindly give us a tip before leaving. What would you suggest for having a healthy sexuality in terms of a relationship?

The main tip is to slow down. It’s so simple but it’s really the beginning point. It starts with our breath. Just by being mindful and fully experiencing our breath, our responses will be different in the world, including our response to ourselves and other people.

This is where the compassion and the patience comes through with ease and grace. You can reconnect with yourself and others, feeling light, joy and this is where the magic starts. Whether it’s the relationship with yourself or others, you must open yourself to possibility and have the courage to try take a leap of faith and try something new; but first, slow down and just breathe into it.

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