The Journey to

What are your values?
What are your family's values?

Life fulfillment and business success are built on successful family relationships. The primary cause behind the staggering 80% of family businesses failing, and is a lack of unity. The needed conversation is less about governance and professional skills – and more about fostering harmonious relationships and creating deeper channels of connection within your family.

Legacy Mentors facilitates transformational shifts in cultural and social mindsets, opening pathways to greater success and fulfillment, cementing cohesion around shared values and goals. Legacy Mentors then helps transition the interests of each family member to this new holistic paradigm.

It is up to us to live up to
the legacy that was left for us,
and to leave a legacy
that is worthy of our children
and of future generations.

Christine Gregoire

Family Unity

We support the bridging of cultures and generations, offering sophisticated yet intuitive tools and proven methods to family members, helping them to navigate complex relationships and to facilitate better communications.


Family Forum

A proven framework to address topics and concerns in an intentional and harmonious process.


Conflict Resolution

We create a basis for discussing and enhancing awareness of communication dynamics and balancing of complex personal, family and business needs.

Family Wealth

Family Wealth Intensives

We help you cultivate a new mindset concerning the meaning of “wealth”, rethinking how you allocate time, attention, and assets towards valued purposes.

Values Book

We help you author your ideal life, inspired by a guide to family culture that helps uncover the unique  qualities of family members and weave them together harmoniously to achieve a common purpose. We present a tactile, shared vision for realising and embracing the family legacy you envision.

Family Retreats

Family retreats provide a safe and nourishing environment in which deep unity can be fostered across generations and around a common vision. The retreats serve as a venue for better communication and shared experiences as a catalyst for relationship transformations.