Through our mentorship programmes, we provide you with wise and empathetic counsel grounded in your individually framed values, goals, and purpose. Each of the Legacy Mentors’ team members is certified with 10-30 years of experience. Our expert mentors focus on helping you design a meaningful life, personally and professionally, one that you author and embrace. 

Drs. Loes Fokker

The Source - Founder

Loes combines academic rigor with conscious thinking to address the critical human elements in order to elevate and invigorate family offices. She has a Master of Science in Clinical and Health Psychology and draws on her 20 years of experience as an international psychologist and systems therapist to C-suite executives and private coach to UHNW families.

Stefan Beiten

The Manifestor - Co-Founder

Stefan Beiten is a serial entrepreneur, international corporate attorney, and historian who has founded and scaled five companies on three continents, working with BBC, Disney and Nokia. Stefan has produced over 150 TV episodes and the globally acclaimed productions – Deep Blue and Planet Earth. Knowing the inner workings and psychology of wealth, he supports entrepreneurial families in consciously forging their legacy.

Dr. Christoph Quarch

The Philosopher

Dr. phil. Christoph Quarch is a renown author of over 50 books. He applies ancient insights that are increasingly relevant today, wisdom many have forgotten but which can yet provide us with answers to key questions: How do we discover our true selves? “What does it mean to be fully alive? How can we ease into the conversation of life?”

Elizabeth Walcher

Elizabeth Walcher

The Pearl Diver

A positive psychologist with 26 years in practice, Elizabeth has developed expertise surrounding taboo family topics such as suicide, religion and sexuality. She is a systemic coach and a published teacher with diverse knowledge of indigenous perspectives and family constellation work.

Cor Vreugdenhil

The Alchemist

Cor Vreugdenhil is an authority in systemic family therapy, group psychotherapy and team intervisions. He knows how to stimulate a person’s willpower to use their own resources to develop themselves further. Connection, trust, and culture sensitivity are central in Cor’s sessions.

Curt Cronin

The Heart Catalyst - CEO, N. America

Curt Cronin has a passion for taking people on their own Hero’s Journey. For 19 years, he served as a Navy SEAL Commander, an elite special operations force. Additionally he secured a combined MBA degree from NYU, HEC, and LSE, and has advised top organisations such as Disney, HP, AIG, and professional sports teams. He understands the power of strong relationships and how to best both navigate crisis and success.

Barbara Goossens

The Seeker

Barbara holds a degree in Drama and Movement Therapy and is a certified Communication Trainer and Psychotherapist, specialised in the expressive arts. During her years of training as a therapist, she encountered the art of storytelling. After extensive travels in Middle America, India and Ireland, stories have now become central to her work.

Nicola Tiggeler

The Artist

Nicola Tiggeler is a globally recognized actress, but also a trained opera singer, coach and a Designated Linklater Teacher. Many prominent figures have relied on her wide ranging skill set as a certified coach. Nicola helps her clients discover the power of their own voice and personal presence in the world.

Tim Mentor

Tim Malnick

The Contemplator

Tim Malnick is an Organisational Psychologist, Coach and Educator and holds an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice. He integrates awareness practice, body and shadow work, offering safe and playful experiential spaces to support transition into more meaningful, creative and empowering ways of being and doing.

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

The Shaman

Angaangaq is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder, from the traditional healers of the Far North from Greenland. In 2004, his tribe summoned him to their sacred mountain to become their shaman. “Uncle” has since bridged cultures and faiths in more than 50 countries to share his wisdom, deeply rooted in the oral healing traditions of his people.

Jan Pieter van Lieshout

The Dancer

Jan Pieter is a Dance Master celebrating 42 years of experience. He has a MA in Business Communication, consultants for the Bar on EQi, and is a certified teacher of Sacred Dances. Jan Pieter has founded Voetisch in ’s-Hertogenbos, Interactive DanceScan and Masters of Movement.

Corinna Hayd

The Conscious Dreamer

Corinna is an Energetic Business Coach & Modern Shaman. As a former London Stock Broker, she believes in the powerful combination of ancient wisdom teachings and state-of-the-art wealth creation. „There is profound freedom, when we stop acting in a binary way. When we allow our rational mind & cultural heritage to embrace our intuitive mind and mythological roots, we access the full potential of our human legacy.“

Geo Hanzlik

The Star Shiner

For the past 23 years, Geo has helped hundreds of clients as a psychotherapist and executive coach. He has used this knowledge to pioneer his own unique methods for helping clients break decades-old habits of thinking, behavior, and emotions to create exponential growth in their lives and work. Based in New York City, Geo helps executives and persons of impact around the world leverage experience, power, and gifts to execute their vision in the world.

Rediscover your authentic being.
Playful and alive,
integrated and at last whole again,
free to be fully you.