The Journey to

Fall in Love with your Authentic Self

Based on the 7 Chakras and Jungian Archetypes, being rooted in ancient wisdoms and modern science, we provide a comprehensive and integrated growth methodology for abundant living, explored and developed in 1-on-1 mentorship or small group experiences (workshops and retreats.


Assessment & Preparation

Using life audit tools, we help you prepare to embark on your journey to wholeness and impact

Transformational Learning Experience

We invite you to join our mentor team on a private experiential learning journey

Life Integration Coaching

Mentors support you with personalised, sustained life integration to achieve long-term results

TheTransformation Experience

The peak experience of each Experiential Learning Journey is an opportunity to join a small group of peers for a transformational experience. Each special event is highly vetted for participation. In an exercise of openness, trust and adventure, our internationally recognised clinical psychologists, philosophers, doctors, and spiritual healers lead you through inspiring, life-changing experiences to be forever cherished. Deep friendships are forced through deep learning in a safe, and joyful space. 

A Holistic Journey
of Self-Transformation

By integrating each life energy chakra, uncovering leaks and opening blockages, your life can begin to flow with ease; facilitating work and relationships, family and personal health, passion, sexuality, and your personal place in the universe – each centre of your energetic being feeding vitality and vigor into all others.  

This holistic journey of self-transformation and actualisation clarifies who you are, what your purpose is, and how to develop your full potential on the planet in methodical, complete and sustainable ways.