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Helping You and Your Teams Achieve Your Highest Contribution

When we build on the foundation of a holistic and synergistic organisation, we gain power to create the project of our dreams and have more impact towards the healthier world we all long for. We help you realise your highest potential for contributing to your family, the human family, and the planet we share through business values, financial investments, philanthropy and contributions of your time.

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.

Bob Marley


Strong leaders who are confident in themselves inspire confidence in their teams. We cultivate your self-awareness and self-mastery to help you catalyse group cohesion and optimize organisational outcomes.

Business Powered by

Business Powered by Forum

Forum is a carefully designed, proven therapeutic process for individuals, facilitating openness, authenticity, and trust-building through structured conversational methods.

Executive Talent

Executive Talent Development

Teams perform at their peak when leaders trust themselves and each other to move through challenges toward success. By raising your self-awareness, we help you cope with conflict and change, facilitating team-building and improving organisational performance.


Offsite Retreats

To gain needed perspective and restore strength, sometimes you need to take a step back in a different space. An exclusive retreat with peers who face similar challenges can empower you with renewed energy and ideas to succeed in your business journey.


Culture can be key for aligning individual and organisational purposes – focusing individuals around a common goal and shared value system. This is especially true in entrepreneurial families, with their busy lives divided — and often torn — between conflicting personal and professional responsibilities. We assess and explore each family’s unique culture.

That led me to understand and trust my gut feelings but not as much heady or raw emotion like fear, or hatred and things that cannot be controlled. I am in the zone.

Niko Pohlmann


Every company continually experiences challenges and changes. This can be especially true for legacy family businesses, which must deal with the additional complexity of filial relationships and multi-generational issues. We support you in creating a common language and structure adaptable to your current situation, or any stage in your company’s life cycle.