Expertedly researched

Our Journey programmes are designed for family offices, entrepreneurial families, and the individual visionaries who live within them. Our world-renowned experts support you throughout your journey by their research-based guidance and continuous mentorship on your life-journey

We have developed three phases of mentorship for each journey: Assessment & Preparation, the Transformation Experience, and Life Integration Coaching. As this is a deeply personal journey, we ensure an atmosphere of absolute trust and strict confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Assessment & Preparation

Using life audit tools, we personally tailor your journey to wholeness and impact around your needs and schedule

Transformational Learning

We invite you to join our mentor team on a private experiential learning journey, hand selected for you

Life Integration Coaching

Throughout your journey, we support you with personalised, sustained mentoring to achieve holistic integrity

Our journeys

The three Interwoven Journeys for Individuals, Families, and Organisations are:

Journey to

Journey to self

Meaningful growth begins with bringing our whole truth to the table. Within each of us, there is a great storyteller; the stories frame and filter the world around us.

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Journey to

Journey to connection

A fulfilling life and business success are built on successful family relationships. However, 80% of family businesses fail, and the primary cause is a lack of unity.

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Journey to

Journey to impact

When we build on the foundation of a holistic and synergistic organisation, we gain power to create the projects of our dreams and increase our impact in the creation of the world we all long for. 

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The legacy you leave for the future
is determined by the
bold steps you take now.